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My journey into pottery came a little later in life than for most. I always felt that I had artistic talents. I could draw and paint fairly well. I was good at basketry and macramé and dabbled in other crafts, but nothing held my interest or offered artistic challenges.

In January 2006, I began pottery at Finch Pottery in Bailey, NC, and a whole new world opened up! From learning to center clay to opening the clay and pulling it into an object, everything was fun and exciting and challenging—boy was it challenging! In the beginning, I might have an idea of what I wanted to create but I never knew what might actually develop. While that still happens occasionally, overall I’m fortunately a bit more in control.

What started as a hobby turned into a small business. My first selling experience was in November 2006 at a Finch Pottery Open House. I set up my display area and people actually bought my pottery! It’s hard to describe how rewarding it is to have someone pick up a piece of my pottery and want to take it home. So I began setting up at festivals and pottery shows in the area. I’ve had pieces go to several foreign countries as examples of North Carolina pottery, which is so cool. It gives me a thrill each time one of my pottery friends comes back and tells me how much they have enjoyed a wind chime or bird house, or what a wonderful wedding or Christmas gift one of my bowls made.

Whether it’s a casserole, batter bowl, soup or yarn bowl, most of my pottery is functional and made to be used every day. My wind chimes, bird houses, and feeders are unique but still quite functional. I look forward to discovering what new pieces are waiting for me to create.

For 3 years straight my husband Harvey and I attended Finch Open House. Each time we’d leave and I would say how much I’d like to do that. Harvey would always say that I should give it a try. Without his encouragement and continued support, this would never have happened for me. After all the boxes of pottery he has loaded and unloaded, and all the packages he has wrapped, and the countless other ways that he has supported me, I hope he’s never regretted that encouragement! I feel so fortunate to have discovered this other part of me and for that, I am truly grateful.



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  1. I would love to see some of your work. I love pottery! I am desperately needing a yarn bowl!

    1. Susan, I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment. This being a new website and me not knowing how to navigate it very well, the comments were hidden and my web guru just posted them for me. If you’d like to get together and see some yarn bowls, please get in touch.

  2. When I read that “my son Ashley built it for me in 2008,” I did a quick math in my head. How old is Harvey now? That CAN’T be! Harvey should be still a young man in his 30s. Well, I will be in my 70s soon.

  3. We received one of your canine wind chimes as a Memorial gift from our kids for our departed Schnauzer, Sophie Rose who loved to ‘sing’ with and for us. The beautiful chimes “singing” in the wind will be a constant reminder of our lovely departed girl in a dog’s costume singing to us again.

  4. Such a beautiful work, I just bought your spone holder from WF Artisans Market…..wow.

  5. Hi Kathy…this is Page Jones Wrenn writing to say hello and happy holidays. This is probably a very busy time for you but I’d love to talk to you when you have time. ????

  6. Do you do personal lessons or plan to in the future? If you do/ or would like to start how much are the lessons

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